Event Details

This event, originally scheduled for January, will be held on March 24th.

We’re opening this up to new submissions. All members are encouraged to participate. If you already sent images in for this back in January, we’ll show those, unless you submit new ones before the deadline of March 21.

The challenge category is “Abstraction”. We will also have an “Open” category where there are no constraints on subject matter. In order to try something a little different, this event will NOT be scored by judges, but will be presented to the audience for open critique and feedback. The idea is to provide an evening that isn’t focused on the winning scores, but is instead an opportunity for all club members to engage in discussing photographic technique and composition strategies. We will still have the usual competition rules of previous Saturday deadline and one image per category however. For the “Abstraction” category, we encouraging members to explore images that focus on shapes, color, and textures – there is a good definition of the style on this website and some excellent examples of abstract photographs here.

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