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This meeting features NECCC judge Charlie Burke giving critique and helpful hints to improve photos that were submitted by club members several weeks ago.

Charles (Charlie) Burke, FPSA, EPSA

Charlie joined the Photographic Society of America (PSA) in 1998. Over the years, he has participated in great number of activities in PSA, local camera clubs and regional photographic organizations. Until recently, he submitted digital images and prints to many PSA-recognized exhibitions received numerous awards and approximately 1500 acceptances. For this accomplishment, Charlie has been award the distinction of Excellence PSA (EPSA).

He has been a member of quite a number PSA division digital image and print study groups. He serves as the webmaster for 6 division interclub competitions as well as 2 individual competitions. He also was the developer and initial organizer for 3 digital study groups.

Charlie has served in several positions in camera clubs, including a total of 5 years in 2 different organizations as President. In addition, he performs competition judging duties locally on an average of 6 times each year. Further, he has judged 5 different PSA-recognized international exhibitions. He also provides competition software for 8 camera clubs and other photographic organizations.

As a PSA volunteer, Charlie has held a variety of offices. For his service, the Society has bestowed the Fellow PSA (FPSA) honor upon him. He was the coordinator for a number of Society and division level competitions. His division level offices include First Vice Chairman and Chairman. Charlie was the Executive Vice President for four years before assuming his current position as PSA’s President.

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