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Eye of the Tiger by Renee Giffroy

Eye of the Tiger by Renee Giffroy

Our first meeting of the 2016-17 season is Tuesday September 13th 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM at the Urban Forestry Center in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

This is our annual “Show and Tell” – bring up to 5 images you took this summer to share with the group (JPEG files on a USB flash drive – maximum image size 1024px x 768px is best).

As with all our meetings, the public is welcome to attend.

We’ll also preview our upcoming schedule and would love to see prospective members stop by to check us out. We generally meet twice per month September to May on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM. The first meeting of the month is usually an educational presentation while the second meeting is a photo competition.

Here’s our tentative schedule:

  • Sept 13 Show & Tell
  • Sep 27 competition: NECCC Nature & Pictorial
  • Oct exhibition at Sole City Dance Studio
  • Oct 11 Guest speaker Charlie Widdis on “Seascapes”
  • Oct 25 competition: “Motion”
  • Nov 8 Guest speaker Erik Gehring on “Trees”
  • Nov 22 competition: NECCC Nature & Pictorial
  • Dec 13 Holiday Party and Tom Lavoie on “Workflow”
  • Jan 10 Guest speaker Dennis Goulet on “Close up and Macro Photography”
  • Jan 24 competition: prints (for Feb Portsmouth Library exhibition)
  • Spring competitions include themes: “Monochromatic”, “Macro/Close Up”, and “Trees”

Check back to confirm our meeting topics and the rest of our schedule…

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Boston Harbor Schooner - © 2015 Dave Thompsen

Boston Harbor Schooner – © 2015 Dave Thompsen

The public is invited to view our SCC Print Exhibition at the Portsmouth Public Library during the month of November.

This is a wonderful opportunity to view the diverse talents of members of the Seacoast Camera Club, which serves photographers of all abilities from  New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. We twice per month in Portsmouth to share our photographic techniques and images.

We are holding a public reception for our exhibition Tuesday November 10th 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM. Photographers from the club will be there to discuss their works. Club President Dave Thompsen will also give a brief talk titled “Introduction to Photography” which explains basic camera techniques and composition strategies for improving your photographs.

The library is located at 175 Parrott Ave in Portsmouth, NH. The exhibit is in the Levenson Room which is to the left as you walk into the main lobby. See the library’s website at or call their main desk at 603-427-1540 for directions and hours.

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Congratulations to the following members for their top-4 placement in our local NECCC photo competition held Sept 22nd:


1 (tie) – Nancy Wilkinson – Chickadee
1 (tie) – Elaine Franklin – Sunset Glow
2 (tie) – Dave Thompsen – Unloading the Salt
2 (tie) – Tom Lavoie – Cape Cod Path


1 – Lydia Williams – From Behind
2 – Paul Hopkins – Rhodora #159
3 (tie) – Renee Giffroy – Peek a Boo
3 (tie) – Nancy Wilkinson – Mount Chocorua

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Our next meeting is Tuesday Sept 22 – the first local NECCC competition of the season. We meet at the Portsmouth Public Library for this meeting. Pictorial and nature are the themes.

Looking ahead, we have guest speaker Peter Christoph on Oct 13th at our usual venue, the Urban Forestry Center in Portsmouth, NH. Peter will be presenting tips on bird photography.

As always, these events are free and open to the public.

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We had an excellent meeting last night. Our thanks go out to Steve Frank for an interesting talk about printing photograph and Paul Hopkins for his demo on using the camera histogram. Please do consider using Steve’s local company Photosmith Imaging for any future printing jobs (photosmithimaging,com).

Welcome to our 3 new members Pam, Brian, and Sarah. They said they’d like to participate in the upcoming March 24th competition (rescheduled from January), so I’m opening this up for anyone to submit photos. If you haven’t participated in a competition yet (or lately), this is a good one to enter, because we will not be giving formal scores. We’re opening the floor to constructive comments from all members. If you already submitted photos, you can send new ones if you want, otherwise I’ll use what you already sent in January.

We have two categories – max of one photo per category per person, please:
1) Abstraction – our challenge theme – see our calendar entry for tips on what we’re looking for
2) Open – anything goes

Deadline for submissions is Sat Mar 21 at 11:00PM. The usual rules still apply – SCC members only, JPEG files only, max size 1024 pixels wide x 768 pixels high, send to – please read our submission rules if you are not familiar with them.

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Inclement weather caused us to cancel our last meeting, but we were able to reschedule Christopher Georgia’s presentation on his astro-photography and time-lapse works for Feb 10th. So we have an exciting lineup of four guest speakers from January through April on the 2nd Tuesday of those months.

Our next meeting will be Jan 13th when Deb Cram, Director of Photo & Multimedia at Seacoast Media Group (Portsmouth Herald), will join us to discuss photojournalism. Deb is an award-winning photographer who has been doing photojournalism in the NH/Maine seacoast area for over 20 years. You can visit her website Deb Cram Photography to learn more about her accomplishments.

Our next photo “competition” will be Jan 27th – the challenge category is “Abstraction“. We will also have an “Open” category where there are no constraints on subject matter. In order to try something a little different, this event will NOT be scored by judges, but will be presented to the audience for open critique and feedback. The idea is to provide an evening that isn’t focused on the winning scores, but is instead an opportunity for all club members to engage in discussing photographic technique and composition strategies. We will still have the usual competition rules of previous Saturday deadline and one image per category however. For the “Abstraction” category, we encouraging members to explore images that focus on shapes, color, and textures – there is a good definition of the style on this website and some excellent examples of abstract photographs here.

At our meeting on November 25th, we held our local NECCC competition. Top finishers in the Nature category were Paul Hopkins, Dave Thompsen, David Sosnowski, and Terrie Hale Top finishers in the Pictorial category were Joe Hollweg, Terrie Hale, Elaine Franklin, and Dave Thompsen. Their photographs will be entered in the upcoming NECCC Winter regional competition. They will also be posted in our gallery page, once the final photographs have been submitted to the NECCC. Congratulations to all participants and a big thank you to the judges, competition coordinator, and NECCC liaison  for their efforts.

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Our next meeting on Tue Nov 25 will be the local competition for the NECCC Winter 2015 competition. Note that a new definition for the Nature category is in effect for this competition, since the inter-club regional competition is held after Jan 1, 2015. Entries must also meet our local competition submission rules – deadline is Sat Nov 22nd 11:00PM.

We’d like to thank Thom Hindle and the staff at the Woodman Museum for an excellent tour of their “Tintypes to Digital” exhibition last Saturday. There was a fascinating array of vintage cameras, prints, and photographic collectibles accompanied by an in-depth review of significant accomplishments in the history of photography. I would encourage anyone who hasn’t seen it to pay a visit before museum closes for the season at the end of November.

Be sure to mark your calendar for our pot-luck holiday dinner on Tue Dec 9. Bring a dish to share and enjoy a presentation by Christopher Georgia, a specialist in night photography. Read our event listing for more details on this featured presentation!

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Our next Seacoast Camera Club event is a field trip to the Woodman Museum in Dover, NH. Curator Thom Hindle will walk us through their 2014 feature exhibit, which (from their website):

Woodman Museum - Tintypes to Digital exhibit

…celebrates 175 years of photography with a “Tintypes to Digital” presentation that showcases early images and cameras that includes the first 35 mm camera, the World’s first digital watch camera , a 1905 Expo Pocket Watch camera, the first Polaroid, Brownies and Instamatics…travel from the wet plate era to camera telephones….an amazing journey since that first image was presented to the world in 1839.

We’ll meet in the museum lobby at 10:00AM on Saturday Nov 15th. (This event replaces our usual 2nd Tuesday meeting at the Urban Forestry Center since that venue is not available to us on that date). Museum admission is charged – see their website at for details.

We held our “Street Photography” club photo competition last meeting. Congratulations to top finishers Dave Sosnowski, Lydia Williams, Renee Giffroy, and Tom Lavoie – all tied for 1st place. For the Open category, winners were Lydia Williams (1st), Elaine Franklin and Joe Hollweg (tied for 2nd). See our Gallery page to see their winning entries.

We have the local NECCC Winter photo competition coming Nov 25th (deadline for entries is Nov 22nd). Then at our Dec 9th meeting we’ll have our annual holiday pot-luck dinner with special guest Christopher Georgia who will show us his fascinating astrophotography images and describe the equipment and techniques he uses to capture them. Members are encouraged to bring guests – all our events are open to the public.

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We held our local photo competition for the NECCC Fall submission at our last meeting. The top four finishers in the nature category were Tom Lavoie, Lydia Williams, and Nanci Crosbie and Elaine Franklin (tie). The pictorial category was a four-way tie by Nanci Crosbie, Paul Hopkins, Elaine Frankin, and Tom Lavoie. Congratulations to all our winners and participants. Winning photos will be posted shortly for those who gave permission to post.

Our next meeting is Oct 14th when we welcome Alexandra de Steiguer for a presentation about her photographs of the Isles of Shoals, where she has been the winter caretaker for the past seventeen years. Please join us for an engaging conversation with Alex, who has published a new book titled “Small Island, Big Picture; Winters of Solitude Teach an Artist to See.” The public is welcome to attend. Details are provided in our Oct 14 meeting calendar entry.

Also coming in October is our next local photo competition. “Street Photography” is our challenge theme. Submission deadline, content guidelines, and processing requirements are described in our Oct 2014 competition submission deadline calendar entry.

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Welcome to our new website for the Seacoast Camera Club! We recently re-organized our website to provide better access to information about our club and upcoming events. There’s more work to be done, so please bear with us while we round out the content on this site.

Our club holds meetings twice per month from September to May in Portsmouth, NH.Membership is open to anyone with an interest in photography. Our members range from beginners to professionals and serves cities and towns across the coastal region of New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. We all have a common goal to share our experiences and to learn new skills in photography.


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