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by Dennis Goulet

Our next meeting is Tuesday January 10th. Guest speaker Dennis Goulet will present “Creative Choices for Close Up Photography”.

Close up and macro photography open opportunities for both indoor and outdoor subjects. While strictly defined macro photography is a genre of photography that requires some expense and special knowledge, close up photography is something that is within everyone’s reach. Using a range of lenses from fisheye to super telephoto lens, capturing close-up images is achievable.

This program addresses choices in selecting tools to achieve close up images as well as some of the general accessories that solve problems unique to close up photography. Creative choices in controlling the background, managing the light and adding light are also addressed. Off-camera flash techniques are discussed in detail. Merging multiple images into a panoramic macro image and focus stacking techniques are also described. Numerous examples are used throughout the presentation to illustrate the Tools and Techniques of Close Up photography.

Dennis Goulet

An accomplished photographer, Dennis has given talks and workshops at several NECCC conferences and his images have appeared in such prominent publications as Audubon, Birder’s World, and Outdoor Photographer.

As always, this presentation is free and open to the public. See details on time and location.

Posted on: December 17, 2016 | Author: David Thompsen
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