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Our next meeting on Tue Nov 25 will be the local competition for the NECCC Winter 2015 competition. Note that a new definition for the Nature category is in effect for this competition, since the inter-club regional competition is held after Jan 1, 2015. Entries must also meet our local competition submission rules – deadline is Sat Nov 22nd 11:00PM.

We’d like to thank Thom Hindle and the staff at the Woodman Museum for an excellent tour of their “Tintypes to Digital” exhibition last Saturday. There was a fascinating array of vintage cameras, prints, and photographic collectibles accompanied by an in-depth review of significant accomplishments in the history of photography. I would encourage anyone who hasn’t seen it to pay a visit before museum closes for the season at the end of November.

Be sure to mark your calendar for our pot-luck holiday dinner on Tue Dec 9. Bring a dish to share and enjoy a presentation by Christopher Georgia, a specialist in night photography. Read our event listing for more details on this featured presentation!

Posted on: November 18, 2014 | Author: David Thompsen
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Our next Seacoast Camera Club event is a field trip to the Woodman Museum in Dover, NH. Curator Thom Hindle will walk us through their 2014 feature exhibit, which (from their website):

Woodman Museum - Tintypes to Digital exhibit

…celebrates 175 years of photography with a “Tintypes to Digital” presentation that showcases early images and cameras that includes the first 35 mm camera, the World’s first digital watch camera , a 1905 Expo Pocket Watch camera, the first Polaroid, Brownies and Instamatics…travel from the wet plate era to camera telephones….an amazing journey since that first image was presented to the world in 1839.

We’ll meet in the museum lobby at 10:00AM on Saturday Nov 15th. (This event replaces our usual 2nd Tuesday meeting at the Urban Forestry Center since that venue is not available to us on that date). Museum admission is charged – see their website at for details.

We held our “Street Photography” club photo competition last meeting. Congratulations to top finishers Dave Sosnowski, Lydia Williams, Renee Giffroy, and Tom Lavoie – all tied for 1st place. For the Open category, winners were Lydia Williams (1st), Elaine Franklin and Joe Hollweg (tied for 2nd). See our Gallery page to see their winning entries.

We have the local NECCC Winter photo competition coming Nov 25th (deadline for entries is Nov 22nd). Then at our Dec 9th meeting we’ll have our annual holiday pot-luck dinner with special guest Christopher Georgia who will show us his fascinating astrophotography images and describe the equipment and techniques he uses to capture them. Members are encouraged to bring guests – all our events are open to the public.

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